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Based on the KW3 wind turbine, the KW3EX has been optimized for the harsh environment experienced for off shore wind turbines.    ​ read more

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5 year warranty


No cut out speed


100% compliant


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Developed for use in the North Sea, it has been installed for many years on un-manned gas platforms, offering a secure and reliable solution for power generation. It delivers enough power for oil rigs, providing a viable alternative to the constant challenge of sourcing power from large diesel engines. The unique design works at safe operating temperatures and will not generate sparks, even in environments where there are highly inflammable materials.

The KW3EX is the first ATEX certified turbine in the world.

Features and benefits

  • No cut out speed - continuous operation and energy generation
  • Works at safe operating temperatures - no risk of generating sparks
  • Robust design - suitable for offshore environments
  • No gear box - greater efficiency!
  • Designed to operate in any wind regime - high performance is maintained in all wind speeds
  • 5 year warranty as standard

Rated Power (1 min avg at 11 m/s) 2.5kW
Peak Power (1 min avg) 3.2 kW
Reference Annual Energy (RAE) 4,700 kWh
Applications Unmanned off-shore gas and oil platforms
Voltages Available 24V DC / 48V DC / 300V AC
Rotor Diameter 3.9m
Tower Height 6.5m/11m
Cut In 3.5 m/s
Cut Out N/A
Survival Speed Designed to Class 1 (70 m/s)