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The KW3 is the smallest turbine in the Kingspan Wind range. It is ideally suited for remote access sites, small domestic properties, telecoms, off-grid applications and also light industrial and farming. The intelligent design of the KW... read more

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5 year Parts & Labour warranty


100% compliant


Great customer service


Quality assured product

Features and benefits

  • Self regulating - Delta rotor design ensures constant energy generation.
  • No gear box - Greater efficiency!
  • Anti over-speed control - No requirement to shut down in high winds.
  • Designed to operate in any wind regime - high performance is maintained even in the fiercest storms.
  • 5 year Parts and Labour warranty as standard.
  • Low cost of ownership - Minimal servicing requirement.
  • 25+ years proven runtime
Rated Power (1 min avg at 11 m/s)
Peak Power (1 min avg) 3.2kW
Applications Telecomms stations, Remote access, Off-grid applications, Domestic and Agricultural
Voltages Available
24V DC / 48V DC / 300V AC
Rotor Diameter
Tower Height
Cut in
3.5 m/s
Cut out
Survival Speed
Designed to Class 1 (70 m/s)