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The KW3 is the smallest turbine in the Kingspan Wind range. It is ideally suited for remote access sites, small domestic properties, telecoms and off-grid applications. read more

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KW3’s intelligent design ensures consistently high performance in all wind speeds. 
A unique over-speed protection system, coupled with our delta rotor design, guarantees continuous energy generation and provides return on your investment at all times. No need to shut down in high winds!

Features and benefits

  • Self regulating - Delta rotor design ensures constant energy generation.
  • No gear box - Greater efficiency!
  • Anti over-speed control - Norequirement to shut down in high winds.
  • Designed to operate in any wind regime - high performance is maintained even in the fiercest storms. 
  • 5 year warranty as standard
Rated Power (1 min avg at 11 m/s)
Peak Power (1 min avg) 3.2kW
Reference Annual Energy (RAE) 4,700kWh
Applications Telecomms stations, Remote access, off-grid applications
Voltages Available 24V DC / 48V DC / 300V AC
Rotor Diameter  3.9m
Tower Height  6.5m/11m
Cut in 3.5 m/s
Cut out N/A
Survival Speed Designed to Class 1 (70 m/s)