Kingspan Wind Servicing

To ensure your wind turbine is operating to maximum efficiency, Kingspan Wind provides a comprehensive range of service packages, from a one off annual service to a fixed term contract.

Regular servicing of your wind turbine is necessary to not only maintain the manufacturer’s warranty but to also ensure optimum performance is maintained.

The purchase of a wind turbine is often the second or third biggest investment a customer will make beyond their home or a business asset, which is why it is important to have a trusted and reputable service engineer inspect and service your system to ensure you are achieving the best potential energy yield from your location.

With a Kingspan turbine producing in all wind regimes and not requiring to shut down, these systems are working harder for our customers than most other manufacturers turbines. With the lowest servicing frequency (either annual or bi-annual depending on site specific wind speeds) our service inspections are essential to ensure site specific factors aren’t causing any obtrusive affects to your turbines performance.

Like all mechanical and electrical equipment, wind turbines will require periodic adjustments and consumable part replacement.

The Kingspan turbine range has a longer than average life expectancy with +25 years already demonstrated in the field. This is achieved with regular servicing by experienced engineers, compared to alternative turbine manufacturers who aren’t able to demonstrate product lifecycle beyond 20 years and some even less than 10 years.

At Kingspan we are passionate about our wind turbines and our customers which is why we offer a market leading service complete with detailed engineers reports that will highlight works undertaken and advise of potential part replacement that will be required on the next service due.

Our engineers have the experience and expertise to service and maintain the following turbines

  • Kingspan KW3
  • Kingspan KW6
  • Kingspan KW3 EX
  • Proven Energy 2.5kW
  • Proven Energy 6kW
  • Proven Energy 15kW (P35)

We also supply all parts required for these turbines, including Kingspan manufactured and warranty backed parts for the Proven P35


  • Wind turbine maintenance and servicing teams covering UK & Ireland
  • Over 50 years’ service experience
  • In house technical support team
  • Retrofit and product replacement support
  • Payment Plans

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