Grease & Food Waste Management

Every day, our totally managed solutions for Food Waste (Waste20) and Fat, Oil and Grease Management (iFOG) are helping the hospitality industry save money, improve the efficiency of their kitchens – and stay compliant.

We also offer a Smartserv grease management solution for a wide range of sectors.
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SmartServ Grease

Our intelligent grease management solutions are specifically designed for hospitality, food service and public sector establishments that process large amounts of fat, oil and grease via kitchen waste water.


Manufactured by Kingspan, iFOG is an award winning packaged unit containing a natural solution made up of environmentally friendly bacteria.


Manufactured by Mechline, Waste20 is a cost effective alternative to macerating or composting food waste. It's an innovative Bio-Digester which turns up to 180kg of soft food waste into wastewater in 24 hours.