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Benefits of small wind for the Telecomms sector

Kingspan Wind is a market leading small wind turbine manufacturer. Our turbines have been generating power for remote locations for over 25 years, supporting telecoms, off-grid applications, isolated communities as well as oil and gas sectors.

We offer complete bespoke packages, coupled with market leading technical support, system design, commissioning and servicing. Our expert team has an unrivalled experience in off-grid sector, providing world-class design consultancy, engineering expertise and comprehensive advice from initial site visit and assessment to detailed design drawings, delivery and installation support.

High performance, even in the toughest conditions

Kingspan Wind turbines have been designed for the harsh and extreme weather conditions often encountered within remote locations. Commonly installed as a stand-alone battery charge unit, they require no grid connection or expensive cable run and can also be couple with Solar PV system offering a complete hybrid solution.

Thanks to their unique delta rotor design our wind turbine don’t need to shut down in high winds. As a result they provide continuous energy generation offering robust and cost-effective energy solutions to the off-grid applications. Kingspan wind turbines low service and maintenance requirements make the installation in remote and hard to service locations all the more attractive.

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