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Benefits of wind power for the offshore sector

Renewable wind power can reduce or even replace electricity generation from conventional power stations and consequently reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. As a result, small wind turbines allow both a more effective way of generating additional income for a business yet also cutting energy costs.

Kingspan Wind turbines have been supporting commercial and industrial applications around the world for over two decades, generating power for businesses across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe and in the North Sea. With over 4,600 turbines installed in over 70 countries on every continent, from schools, hotels, golf clubs, railway services, nature reserves to airports, we offer unrivalled wind power solutions.

Intelligent wind turbine design

Kingspan Wind turbines are recognised for their outstanding performance, durability and unrivalled energy generation even in the fiercest of weather conditions. The intelligent design ensures our turbines don’t need to brake in high winds making them highly versatile and high performing in a wide range of locations and environmental conditions.

Our aim is not just to manufacture and supply world-class products but to design total solutions for our business customers, featuring and integrating our wind power solutions.


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