Secure your Energy Future with Energise funded wind partnership


What is the Energise funded wind partnership?

The Energise initiative is a framework of renewable energy businesses and professionals whose primary focus is to develop and deliver sustainable energy projects with three core objectives:

  • Help eradicate fuel poverty
  • Help to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Help to secure your energy future

How does Energise work?

Getting the financial and carbon saving benefits from the funded Energise programme is very simple, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

  • We install a wind turbine on your land.
  • We cover all planning costs as well as the servicing of the wind turbine.
  • You, as the host, benefit from discounted energy.

The overall process is straightforward, and can result in a turbine being installed quickly on your land.

  • Step 1 - An Energise Framework Partner surveys your site.
  • Step 2 - If the wind speeds meet the required standard, a contract is issued
  • Step 3 - We then obtain the necessary planning and grid approvals.
  • Step 4 - Turbine is then installed and commissioned from as little as 8 weeks from initial survey.

Who is eligible for the Energise initiative?

There are two main groups eligible for the Energise funded wind partnership:

  • Domestic, Agricultural and Community customers
  • Business, Industrial and Commercial customers

Key benefits for domestic and community customers

  • 100% of the energy produced from the turbine can be used by the turbine host.
  • Reduce your energy bills by as much as 80%, using either a 6KW or 15KW turbine.
  • Our turbines are small, unobtrusive and cause minimal disruption to the land. These typically use a 15m mast.

To download our Energise flyer for domestic and community customers click here


Key benefits for business and commercial customers

  • Receive carbon credits for hosting a turbine, as part of the government’s ESOS regulations.
  • 100% of the energy produced is offered at a discounted rate to the turbine host via a Power Purchase Arrangement.
  • We offer flexibility – we will consider single turbine or multisite locations as part of the programme.
  • Refused planning permission? We may still be able to provide a wind solution by proposing a small scale installation to suit your needs.
  • Note that the turbine proposed (from 6KW up to Medium Scale Developments) will depend on location, wind speed, on-site energy demand whilst also considering the surrounding landscape.


Get in touch 

We’re here to help you experience the financial and carbon saving benefits of wind energy through the Energise funded partnership. To register your site, please contact us today via:

Tel: 01560 486 570

Email: info@kingspanwind.com (quoting reference – Energise)