Secure Your Energy Future with Energise Funded Wind Initiative

Energise wind initiative

What is the Energise Funded Wind Initiative?

The Energise Funded Wind Initiative is a turbine-hosting scheme that has successfully delivered fully funded small wind turbine installations for farmers, businesses and industrial customers in the UK. 

The award winning scheme has now been extended with new sites being sought in high wind locations and is open for businesses, local authorities, community projects and rural domestic customers.

How does Energise work?

The concept of Energise is very simple:

  • We install a small wind turbine on your land, estate or business premises and you as the host will benefit from the renewable energy produced by the turbine.
  • The capital costs of the turbine as well as servicing of the wind turbine are covered by the funding partner – they are the owner with you as the host.
  • The scheme is open to all applicants and sites are assessed based on their wind speed potential and suitability to obtain the necessary approvals.

Who is eligible for the Energise Initiative?

The scheme is open to all applicants including businesses, local authorities, community projects and rural domestic customers. 

Eligible sites are subject to a Feed-in Tariff being available, land ownership rights being easily identified and no need for any grid infrastructure upgrades being required.* 

Energise is also open to existing owners of wind turbines who are either seeking an investor to take ownership of the site or upgrade a defunct turbine.**

Businesses and Local Authorities can also benefit from a Power Purchase Agreement with the objective to assist with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Sustainability Management Programs.

How to apply?

To find out more or to put your site forward for consideration, please contact us on +44 (0)1560 486570 or email wind@kingspan.com quoting reference: Energise2017

*UK applicants only. Customers in Ireland will be considered upon the availability of a Feed-in Tariff in the Republic of Ireland
**Subject to obtaining the necessary approvals