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Benefits of small wind for the agri industry

Small scale wind turbines can generate a significant income for farmers and rural landowners by producing electricity for specific applications or the entire farm. At the same time the farm land is not affected by the turbine and can still be used for crops and grazing livestock.

Kingspan Wind small wind turbines offer attractive benefits for rural domestic and smallholding customers for on-site energy generation. Often allowing total independence from the national grid, our KW6 and KW15 turbines are ideally positioned to power rural applications including both agricultural businesses, farms and homes.

Available in a variety of tower height and foundation options, and for single phase, split phase and three phase connections as well as off-grid solutions, our turbines can be connected on any configuration which is an added benefit to rural customers often with limitations to the size of wind turbine they can install at their property.

A cost effective solution for wind energy

Kingspan Wind turbines are installed and serviced at ground level, therefore, do not require expensive cranes due to their standard hydraulic mast solution. This allows for more efficient annual service inspections by minimising downtime and costs.

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