Solar Thermal Collectors

Kingspan Thermomax are global leaders in solar thermal systems offering trusted renewable water heating solutions including evacuated vacuum tube collectors, solar thermal panels, as well as solar cylinders for commercial, industrial and residential use.

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thermomax HP400 evacuated tubes

Evacuated Tube Collectors

Original and the best solar thermal evacuated tube collectors in the world - our Thermomx collectors offer unrivalled transfer of solar energy into usable heat. They surpass other collectors on the market in terms of efficiency and performance.
solar flat plate panels

Solar Flat Plate Panels

Our superior flat plate panels offer an aesthetically pleasing sleek and subtle design, durability and flexible installation with both ‘in-roof’, ‘on-roof’ and A-frame options.
wide range of solar hot water cylinders

Solar Hot Water Cylinders

We offer high performing solar hot water cylinders for use with evacuated tube collectors or flat plate panels to provide environmentally friendly hot water.