renewable technologies from kingspan including solar thermal and wind energy solutions

Renewable Technologies

We provide innovative and environmentally friendly renewable technology solutions. Our product range includes solar thermal tubes, flat plate panels and small wind turbines for commercial and domestic use. We use only the latest technology and manufacturing processes to ensure our products are leading the industry for efficiency and performance. 
208 x 104 px-Wind-01Thermomax logo 208x104
thermomax HP400 evacuated tubes

Evacuated Tube Collectors

Original and the best solar thermal evacuated tube collectors in the world - our Thermomx collectors offer unrivalled transfer of solar energy into usable heat. They surpass other collectors on the market in terms of efficiency and performance.
solar flat plate panels

Solar Flat Plate Panels

Our superior flat plate panels offer an aesthetically pleasing sleek and subtle design, durability and flexible installation with both ‘in-roof’, ‘on-roof’ and A-frame options.
wide range of solar hot water cylinders

Solar Hot Water Cylinders

We offer high performing solar hot water cylinders for use with evacuated tube collectors or flat plate panels to provide environmentally friendly hot water.

Small Wind Turbines

Our small wind turbines come with a variety of mast sizes and they are compatible with single, dual and three phase connections as well as off-grid/battery charge applications.

Offgrid Power Solutions

A unique over-speed protection system - coupled with our delta rotor design, guarantees continuous energy generation and provides return on your investment at all times. No need to shut down in high winds!
North Sea, KW3-EX, Industrial Installation

Wind for Offshore

Kingspan Wind turbines are recognised for their outstanding performance, durability and unrivalled energy generation even in the fiercest of weather conditions.
KW6 Scotland

Wind for Agriculture

Small scale wind turbines can generate a significant income for farmers and rural landowners by producing electricity for specific applications or the entire farm.
KW3, Telecom Installation

Wind for Telecoms

Kingspan Wind turbines have been designed for the harsh and extreme weather conditions often encountered within remote locations.

Thanks to their unique delta rotor design our wind turbine don’t need to shut down in high winds.