• Quality direct hot water cylinders providing mains pressure hot water.

Tribune Xe direct hot water cylinders are designed to heat up quickly and come with up to 45% additional insulation, so that heat is retained for even longer. Built-in thermal expansion space, eliminates the need for an extern... Read more


Up to 45% Extra Insulation


Built-in Thermal Expansion 


25 Year Guarantee*


Fast Installation

Direct unvented hot water cylinders heated directly by the built-in high quality 3kW electric immersion heater. Each direct cylinder also features a secondary back up 3kW electric immersion heater that can act as a boost when the primary heater is not on.

Features and benefits

  • Up to 45% extra insulation for reduced heat loss
  • Suitable for all electric buildings off mains gas supply
  • Built-in thermal expansion spaces eliminating the need for an expansion vessel
  • Designed for use with 3kW immersion heater - can be used alongside 'low tariff electricity'
  • Secondary immersion heater for back-up heating
  • Duplex stainless steel for ultimate peace of mind
  • Suitable for fully pumped circulation and sealed primary systems. Not suitable for gravity circulation
  • Wide range of capacities - from 120 to 300 litres
  • Low running costs
  • 25-year guarantee on basic vessel, 2-years on components*
*T&Cs apply 25-year guarantee on basic vessel and 2-years on components. See product brochure for more information
Product Code Capacity (ltrs)  Height (mm)  Diameter (mm)  Load Profile  ErP Rating*  Efficiency  kWh / year  Sound power level (dB)
 TXD120  120  1001  580  M  D  34%  1442 15
 TXD150  150  1187  580  L  D  36%  2730 15
 TXD180  180  1371  580  L  D  35%  2770 15
 TXD210  210  1561  580  L  D  34%  2819 15
 TXD250  250  1806  580  L  D  34%  2844 15
 TXD300  300  2076  580  XL  D  35%  4500 15
*ErP Rating based on thermostat set at 60°C