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    Tribune He Solar Indirect

The Tribune HE Solar model has been designed to maximise solar performance. Its unique design featuring a solar coil allows for maximum heat transfer of solar energy into stored water. The result? Hot water available on demand. Read more


25 Year Guarantee*


Duplex Stainless Steel


Fast Installation


Excellent Customer Service

Solar cylinders are available in direct and indirect versions. Where solar input does not fully meet the heating and hot water requirements, direct units have an electric immersion heater to meet the additional need. Indirect units use input from the householders' traditional heat source of gas, oil or electric boiler.

Features and benefits

  • Designed to heat up quickly and to retain their heat for long periods
  • Direct and indirect models available (5 models of each)
  • Range of capacities from 150 to 300 litres.
  • Unique design specifically for solar applications
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly way of providing hot water
  • Suitable for use in all electric buildings and areas not connected to National Gas Grid (direct models)
  • Immersion heater provided as standard in the event that solar input doesn't reach hot water requirements.
  • 50mm-thick environmentally friendly CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane foam lagging for low standing heat loss.
  • 25-year fully transferable guarantee against faulty materials and manufacture on the stainless steel inner container.*
*T&Cs apply​, see product brochure for more information
Ordering Code Direct Solar
Order Code Indirect Solar
Capacity (ltrs)
Height (mm)
Diameter (mm)
ErP Energy Rating Standing Loss (W)
TSS150 TT150 150 1093 550  B  51
TSS180 TT180 180 1281 550  B  55
TSS210 TT210 210 1469 550  C  66
TSS250 TT250 250 1719 550  C  77
TSS300 TT300 300 2032 550  C  88