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Kingspan Titan

Kingspan Titan is an Energy Storage Solutions provider whose mission is to preserve and protect the environment by providing safe and absolute containment of expensive and harmful liquids.  Kingspan Titan also gives you the confidence of support over the lifetime of your product and beyond. For over 40 years, Kingspan Titan has designed and manufactured innovative ways to store, dispense and protect AdBlue®, diesel and oil. We pioneered the world’s first environmentally responsible bunded tank, leading change in our sector, and setting industry standards around the world.
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FuelMaster Diesel Storage & Dispensing

Diesel Storage & Dispensing

As the established diesel storage and dispensing experts, our diverse range of environmentally responsible steel and plastic storage solutions offer dispensing and management systems in capacities ranging from 200 - 100,000 litres.
BlueMaster AdBlue Storage & Dispensing

AdBlue Storage & Dispensing

The BlueMaster range has been carefully engineered to responsibly store Adblue, or Diesel Exhaust Fluid as it is commonly known in bulk quantities. Also, very importantly to meet the rigorous requirements needed to handle Adblue and to maintain its purity.
Oil Storage

Oil Storage

The Kingspan Titan range of oil tanks are specifically designed to be the first choice for home-owners, contractors, developers and businesses. Our oil storage tanks are manufactured to the very highest of standards that far exceed all current regulations and safety standards. 
Agriculture & Cattle Drinkers

Other Containers

Kingspan Titan have a vast array of containers to suit various needs. We offer an excellent range of grit bins, agri drinking troughs, water tanks, waste oil and chemical storage.

Custom Moulding

Kingspan Titan Excel go the extra mile for our customers. With over 40 years’ experience in rotational moulding, we’re proud to offer integrated custom moulding solutions, secure manufacturing supply and all the technical expertise you would expect from the largest rotomoulders in Europe.
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Get rewarded for every Titan tank you install

Wouldn’t it be great if your loyalty was rewarded every time you purchased a Kingspan Titan Oil Tank? The Titan Loyalty Club (TLC) does exactly that!

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Are you aware of the Welsh oil storage regulations?

All new oil and fuel tanks in wales must be bunded. The regulations apply to above ground oil storage facilities of 200 litres or more on industrial, commercial, agri and industrial residential sites.

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