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Kingspan Klargester are the wastewater management experts with over 60 years of innovation and knowledge. Our mission is to design and manufacture premium tried and tested wastewater management solutions on a global scale for the leisure, public, hospitality, transport and other commercial sectors whilst offering one of the largest and most technologically advanced wastewater ranges available. As established global market leaders, we offer a diverse range of innovative and 100% compliant wastewater treatment solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. We give you relevant advice and support throughout the wastewater treatment purchasing process based on our in-depth local knowledge and expertise.
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Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants

We offer packaged sewage treatment plants for domestic and commercial wastewater treatment, including our market leading BioDisc domestic treatment plant and BioDisc BD-BL range for commercial applications. Our sewage treatment tanks are fully compliant, highly efficient and economical to operate. 
Pumping Stations

Pumping Stations

Kingspan Klargester offer a fully compliant range of pumping stations for complete wastewater and surface water management. Our range of pumping solutions include domestic, vertical and horizontal pumping stations for commercial use as well as adoptable, high specification pump stations. 
Fuel & Oil Separators

Fuel & Oil Separators

Kingspan Klargester fuel and oil separators provide total peace of mind. Our range of EN 858-1 fully compliant fuel and oil separators include full retention separators, forecourt separators and bypass separators. 

Septic Tanks UK & IRL

Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are a traditional solution to sewage disposal needs for domestic and commercial dwellings without access to mains drainage. Kingspan Klargester offer a wide range of septic tanks for domestic and commercial use, including septic tanks suitable for shallow dig applications.
Grease Separators & Silt Traps

Grease Separators & Silt Traps

Kingspan Klargester Grease Traps and Separators are an effective and hygienic method of separating fat and grease from wastewater flow. 
UK-Group Rainwater Harvesting Kingspan Water

Rainwater Harvesting

We manufacture, design and install a range of commercial and domestic, above and below ground rainwater harvesting systems. These range from advanced, fully integrated systems to easy to install basic rainwater systems for the home.

Reed beds and Cesspools & Silage Tanks

Kingspan Klargester reed bed is a natural filtration process used in conjunction with a Kingspan Klargester sewage treatment system. Our below ground storage tanks provide a reliable solution for the collection and retention of sewage and surface water.

Kingspan Installer Network

When it comes to the installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of your wastewater and drainage system its time to trust the experts. Out nationwide experts are here to ensure your wastewater system performs well at all times.


Expert design and review service

Our dedicated technical team has successfully pioneered a complete solution featuring innovative products, from sewage treatment plants to fuel separators and pumping stations to safeguard water quality in all commercial and domestic building projects.

Klargester Domestic Biodisc

Klargester Commercial BioDisc