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Kingspan Sensor has provided technical, sales and design expertise within the tank monitoring and data hosting industry for over 15 years.  Kingspan Sensor is part of Kingspan Environmental, a division of Kingspan Group PLC which is recognised as one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable products and services. 

We offer award winning, fully integrated telemetry solutions for businesses across the globe. Our web based hosting platform provides scheduled, bespoke reports using data transmitted from our central, secure database. 

The Connect Sensor telemetry solution offers total control and visibility over all areas of your business, helping you monitor costs, energy usage and much more. 


What we measure

With Kingspan Sensor’s fully integrated monitoring solutions, you can enjoy complete peace of mind with up to date data across the following areas:

  • Fuel and Lubricants
  • Waste Oil
  • AdBlue
  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Water
  • Chemicals 

Choose how you receive the data from our secure database. We offer complete flexibility with data transfer available via PC, web, cloud, SMS, apps, FTP, email or ERP. 

We’ll provide you with a personalised online dashboard which shows your data – statistics, measurements and levels across your entire tank population.  Get full visibility on: 

  • Liquid levels
  • Aggregated data for ullage and stock levels
  • Consumption data
  • Fill volumes
  • Sudden drop alerts
  • Projected run out dates
  • Low level and theft alerts



Why Kingspan Sensor? 

With Kingspan Sensor telemetry, you can be in control with visibility over all areas of your business. Our advanced web based hosting platform offers the following benefits to your business: 

  • Improved stock management and procurement – find out more >
  • More efficient logistics management  - find out more >
  • Cost effective data hosting – find out more >
  • Savings on energy and resources - by monitoring fuel, materials, water or temperature of your environment
  • Reduced health and safety risks associated with pollution incidents (overfilling tanks). Our data provides highly accurate measures of quantities required.
  • Instant alerts when your equipment fails or there is unauthorised use or theft of stock. Choose to receive alerts via text or email.

Get in touch 

We’re here to help your business save money with cost effective monitoring solutions that work for you. For an expert consultation on our range of telemetry, contact us on sensor@kingspan.com or call 0844 846 0500. 

Kingspan Sensor Documentation

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Kingspan Sensor Watchman Sonic.
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Kingspan Sensor Watchman Anywhere.
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Kingspan Sensor Integrated Monitoring.
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Kingspan Sensor Watchman Alarm.
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